Meet Senior Decision Makers From OEMs Across The Globe

With Job Titles Including Heads, Managers And Engineers Of:

  • Lightweight
  • Materials
  • Design
  • Joining
  • Manufacturing
  • Body
  • Chassis
  • Interior
  • BIW Materials
  • Engineering
  • CAE

Working Across Steel, Aluminium, Composites, Plastics And Magnesium

Plus Industry Solution Providers Such As:

  • Material Suppliers
  • Tier 1 Component Suppliers
  • Joining Technology Providers
  • Design Software & Simulation Providers
  • Coatings Suppliers
  • Consultants
  • Recycling Companies

The 10th Event In The Globally Renowned GALM Series

Sharing The Very Latest Weight Reduction Success Stories From OEMs, Tier 1's And Material Suppliers

For many new, lightweight materials the costs of supply, forming components, joining and manufacturing are still not viable for high volume assembly lines, keeping the vehicles of the future in the design department instead of on the forecourt. OEMs must learn how to design commercially optimised multi-material vehicle architectures that factor in material availability, manufacturing limitations, lifecycle environmental impacts, crash safety and repairability.

The 4th annual Global Automotive Lightweight Materials Congress 2015 returned to London on 29th-30th April, to deliver 20+ case studies from OEMs, Tier 1 component providers and material suppliers. From design strategies for composites, aluminium and steel to tried and tested techniques for multi-material joining and recycling, industry leaders assessed how to cost-effectively reduce the weight of automotive body, chassis and interiors for global markets.

Case Studies Were Provided On The Following Key Topics:


Demonstrating The Very Latest Advances In Industry Leading Multi-Material Vehicle Designs - Brand New Cost-Reduction Case Studies From The Last 12 Months

  • Steel
  • Composites
  • Aluminium
  • Magnesium Alloys    

Learning The Very Latest Techniques For Improving Joining Speed And Overcoming Corrosion And Accessibility To Ensure Multi-Material Body Designs Can Be Manufactured At The Lowest Possible Cost

  • Welding       
  • Adhesives
  • Riveting       
  • Fastening

Hearing The Very Latest On Costs, Grades And Global Availability Of Steel, Aluminium And Carbon Fibre To Ensure Supply Chains Can Support Production Schedules


Learning How Suppliers And OEMs Have Manufactured Aluminium And Composite Components With Reduced Cost And Cycle Times

  • Castings
  • Resin Transfer Moulding
  • Stamping       
  • Extrusion

Examining Methods To Reduce The Lifecycle Footprint Of A Vehicle Design From Material Supply To End Of Life Recycling

The GALM Series

GALM Europe, the London installation of the world's most practical lightweight vehicle series, is one of four global congresses held each year, attended by over 1700 automotive experts since it started just 3 years ago. See here for more information on the series.



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What Makes GALM The Industry Leading Event?

For the 10th event in the global series, we conducted brand new research with over 40 lightweighting experts at OEMs and suppliers to identify the very latest critical challenges faced by industry and deliver a fresh agenda that effectively addresses key challenges in design and manufacturing.

What Makes GALM Europe Unique?
  • "WHY" FOCUSED: All presentations are designed not only to explain which material and technology choices have been made in lightweighting, but also, importantly, each presentation will come with an explanation on why certain decisions have been made, to enable the transferability of lessons
  • "NEXT STEPS" FOCUSED: This conference isn't a selection of presentations demonstrating old case studies in lightweighting. It is focused on new, pioneering and progressive case studies from those who are making the next big steps in lightweight vehicle manufacturing
  • MULTI-MATERIALS FOCUS: Presentations will focus on the most challenging aspect of lightweighting; optimising the combined application of steel, aluminium and composites; to enable design of the lowest weight body architecture
  • HIGH VOLUME COST REDUCTION: Presentations are geared towards high volume production to make sure lessons are practically applicable on a global scale
  • JOB FUNCTION SPECIFIC STREAMS: Brand new break out sessions in 2015 will deliver unprecedented detail separately to design and manufacturing focused professionals to maximise the applicability of each presentation
  • GLOBAL PERSPECTIVES: To maximise learning potential at the event, speakers at the 2015 congress have been gathered based on how advanced they are in the industry and therefore come from over 3 continents
  • BODY IN WHITE EXHIBITION: The exhibition is returning in 2015 showcasing even more body in whites to demonstrate to delegates what can be achieved using the most advanced lightweighting strategies


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